Services and Solutions

Mould Manfacturing

We are manufacturing mould compatible to M/C's  ranging from 50T to 500Ton, Thermoplastic injection moulding with wide Varity of 2 Plate , 3 Plate , Cold/Hot Runner critical & precise , suitable to any engineering polymers  moulding.

Plastic Injection Mould

Range of 50 to 450 Ton Thermoplastic injection moulding micro-processor based, Good quality  machine’s suitable process to any engineering material..

We manufacturing components from 1 grams to 1000 grams, In almost 40+ engineering polymers, Mainly doing for automotive &  Engineering application.


We are providing customer end to end solution  mould manufacturing to assembly this is value added activity to support customer for reduce the cost in increase there capacity.

We have developed SPMS to critical assembly. Such as heat stacking , Trimming, Reverting, Inspection etc.

Product development & improvement Support

We are Supporting to customer  in product design improvement and development .